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Discover the Untamed,
Magical Beauty of Iceland

Pure and Magnificent Nature in Every Sip

A unique land, Iceland is defined by its dramatic landscapes of volcanoes and glaciers, geysers, hot springs, and lava fields. Over and through it rush pristine waters, a sustaining life force for Icelanders since time immemorial. 

Our spirits are inspired by and made from Iceland’s natural bounty, from its pure waters to its wild-grown botanicals.

Ólafsson Gin

A tribute to the majesty of the land, Ólafsson Gin beautifully captures the freshness of Iceland’s fragrant herbs in an astonishingly smooth drinking experience.

Our Story Began in Iceland,
Amongst Friends

A mutual love of this magnificent land brought us together, a team of Icelanders and Americans, crystallizing in the vision to create exceptional Icelandic spirits and share them with the world.